Monday, August 27, 2012


You may or may not know from previous blog entries that I'm getting married this weekend!!! I'll be off work starting tomorrow (August 28 until September 17). So I'm taking a vacation from blogging as well as I prepare for the wedding, have the ceremony, reception and go on my honeymoon. Hang in there my readers and I do hope and trust you'll have a lot to keep you busy and entertained until I return to writing entries after the wedding. I seriously doubt anyone's sole life is reading my blogs.

To my phellow phans going to Las Vegas before it closes, sorry Shawn and I won't be there, have a great time, I'm semi-jealous even though the wedding will be great. Take lots of photos and wish phantom in Las Vegas a sad farewell, hope the performance is great!

Sexy Phantom August 2012

Sizzlin' like the sun will be in Puerto Rico

Almost missed the boat before it sailed across the lake in naming my sexy phantom for August 2012. In honor of the production touring in Leeds, UK I'm naming the sexy phantom Earl Carpenter. When I return from the honeymoon I'm going to do an interview with Leeds phantom phan Dawn Smallwood. For now we shall drool over Mr. Carpenter.

pretty nice without the mask too!

No Return: A contemporary Phantom tale by Christine Pope REVIEW

No Return: A Contemporary Phantom Tale
No Return: A Contemporary Phantom Tale - Kindle Edition

So after buying a few phantom novels for my kindle two Christmases ago, I finally finished all the phantom novels that are on my kindle. Perhaps I'll get some more after I go through all the other books that are on my kindle waiting to be read.

In this modern day tale of phantom recreated very nicely by Christine Pope, Erik Dietrich is a wealthy recluse searching for his modern day Christine Daae. He finds her in Christine Daly a young struggling Opera major. Christine gets involved with Randall Cagny when she's kidnapped by Erik Dietrich. Can she fall in love with Erik? Will she after he's held her captive? Or will she be rescued by Randall?

Of course I know all the answers to these questions, but I'd like to entice you to read the book because it was pretty damn good. The writing was good, the novel took me into a different world, to the world of a modern phantom tale, just as any good novel would. As I read I found myself wondering if Christine would be with Erik or if she would be rescued by Randall and leave with him just like she left with Raoul in the original story. Even when it was pretty clear what direction the story was going in and how the ending would most likely turn out I was still in anticipation of the novel's ending, wondering if the story would change direction anyway. This is one phan phiction definitely worth reading and worth the purchase.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

In the eye of the beholder by Sharon E. Cathcart REVIEW

In The Eye Of The Beholder: A Novel of the Phantom of the Opera

This is the second to last phan phiction left on my kindle to read until I decide to buy some more. Honestly to me this book was just alright. It wasn't awful like that Kaitlin Gow phan phiction that I regret buying but it wasn't anything to write home about either. The characters were enjoyable, I really did love Claire's character, but the plot left a lot to be desired. In the novel Claire meets Erik after her fiancee's death and falls for him. They marry and escape to England for a little while. Eventually they come back to France. In between all these weird little or big things happen that don't really flow all that smoothly. Although the ending could be seen as having worked out in a happy way I didn't really like it. Good for an alright phan phiction read if you've read through a lot of phan phictions already.


Phantom of the Opera Rock Violin Mix by Lindsey Stirling REVIEW

Lindsey Stirling, a violinist and composer, was apparently deeply inspired by ALW's Phantom of the Opera. She got together with a crew of people to create a Phantom of the Opera Rock Violin mix. I found out about it through laughing skid's google + page. Last night I viewed the video and I was very impressed. I am thinking from the music video she knows more about POTO then just ALW's show. The fact that she plays the violin like Erik did is incredible enough, but in her video the violin represents symbolism of Erik playing it. I'm not sure if she was trying to go there with the symbolism, but because I'm an obsessed phan that's how I see it. I love the music, I love all off the scenery, I love the gothic touch on some of the costumes, overall I'm impressed with everything about this video.

Her video and a small amount of information can be viewed here

Currently this music is available through itunes, as of this blog writing I couldn't find it on google play for android. She's coming out with an album release on September 18.